Sessions and conveners

  • Symposium on Scenarios and Policy Options for Sustainable Shipping (POL) arranged by the CSHIPP Project Platform, on the 4th of September (afternoon).
    Assessment of impacts of shipping under different scenario developments on environment, ecosystem services, human health and society.

Conveners: Markus Helavuori (HELCOM secretariat) and Jana Moldanová (IVL)

  • Emissions and abatement measures (EAM) Measurements and monitoring of emissions from shipping to air and water including new methods and remote sensing. Development and evaluation of different abatement measures to reduce the emissions of air pollutants, green-house gases. Compliance methods to enforce environmental regulations. 

Conveners:Johan Mellqvist (Chalmers) and Erik Fridell (IVL)

  • Atmospheric processes (ATM)
    This session welcomes papers about observations and modelling related to the impact of shipping on climate, air quality, and atmospheric deposition. All spatial scales are of interest, including global and regional impacts of shipping emissions, but also process studies on local scales as, for example, chemistry within ship exhaust plumes, cloud-aerosol interactions, or air pollution in harbour cities. Studies on the tradeoffs between air quality and climate impacts of shipping are also within scope. 

Conveners: Volker Matthias (HZG) and Michael Gauss (Met Norway)

  • Marine impacts (MARI)
    Measurements and modelling of shipping related impacts on marine water column and environment, e.g. measurements of the signatures of shipping in the marine environment, monitoring and campaign measurements, experimental investigations of impacts of the pressures from shipping on the marine environment, toxicity studies etc. Studies of contributions of shipping to the loads of contaminants, eutrophying and acidifying substances as well as physical disturbance and the impact on marine ecosystems and relation to environmental assessments and environmental quality standards.
    Measurements and modelling of under- and above-water noise emissions and propagation, studies on impacts of underwater noise on biota, studies of impacts of above-water noise on human health and well-being.

Conveners: Ida-Maja Hassellöv (Chalmers), David Turner (University of Gothenburg) and Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

  • Poster session (POS)
    The poster session welcomes submissions addressing any of the above topical areas and especially crosscutting contributions.

Conveners: Markus Quante (HZG) and Anna Rutgersson (University of Uppsala)

Updated: 2019-07-05

The conference is a joint event organised by the Interreg BSR CSHIPP platform, the Gothenburg Air and Climate Network (GAC), the Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), CHALMERS, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the BONUS secretariat.

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